Session and Residual Payments

After the completion of the session, your responsibility is to ensure all engagement contracts are forwarded to your account manager within three working days to ensure timely payment on your behalf. TPS will then pay all sessions and residuals on your behalf within three working days of receiving the contracts and/or payment instructions. As soon as the work is processed we provide you with a detailed invoice, clearly indicating our service fee along with all necessary information such as HST, GST and QST numbers. A copy of the union session/residual payment form is attached to every invoice for your files. The total amount payable is remitted to TPS within the agreed upon payment terms.

When the commercial goes to air, you forward the necessary details to TPS through our various reporting formats. TPS will also process on your behalf any necessary talent related correspondence, i.e. release letters, upgrading for extras, downgrading etc. as part of our service. We send out timely reminder reports to you for all your upcoming residual cycle expiries, dormancy dates and holding fees expiries.

TPS will assist you with work permits and waivers, as well as handling HST, GST and QST problems and will also create specialized reports for your personalized business needs.